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One vacant position immediately
One vacant position immediately
One vacant position immediately
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BAMO mesures has a corporate culture forged over 35 years of continuous growth.
If you want to join a dynamic, constantly evolving, company with security aims and stability, we invite you to join us

Knowing your products and partners
Convincing of good choices
Achieving by effective actions 

You are in charge of following up British customers from our subsidiary BAMO Control UK.
Located in our technical office, you offer, give advice, send quotations, manage orders and answer to technical inquiries concerning mounting and commissioning from all the equipments of our industrial range.


  • You must speak fluent English. If your mother tongue is English and if French is your second language, there won’t be any problem
  • General knowledge in mechanics, physical, chemistry, electronics, electricity are required.
  • Part of these knowledge can be quickly learnt in BAMO if other parts are perfectly assimilated.
  • Half of our technicians speak properly English and will be able to make you feel secured.
  • Degree: Equivalent Tray 2: Technical Knowledge Base (physics, chemistry, mechanics ..) if possible. Of course, a "DUT or BTS” degree will be greatly appreciated but not mandatory


A 2 years or at least a first successful experience in distant sales support will be appreciated 
A good phone relationship is desired to ease in an imperative daily orders management rigor 
You have a good Customer-Supplier relationship sense and you like to help.

Candidate Age:

according to skills, experience and pro active commitment 

The candidate will have always to be motivated with a strong involvement in the following up of its customers.
His home is located in the immediate vicinity of Argenteuil or Paris (we are just behind the Argenteuil train station, itself 10 minutes away from the Gare St Lazare - Paris 8th)

Technical & Commercial support's main contacts
Ask a QUOTATION online
BAMO Mesures SAS
22, Rue de la Voie des Bans
Parc d'activités de la Gare
95100 ARGENTEUIL France
Tel : +33 (0)1 30 25 83 32
Fax : +33 (0)1 34 10 16 05
Email :
Site :
Siret : 314 055 864
TVA Intra : FR 08 314 055 864
APE : 2651 B
Capital : 400 000 €
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