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General Catalog 544-03
Liquid Intrusion Safe Alarming System

• Detection of water leaking (1 drop is sufficient)
• Alarm signal before flooding
• Self diagnostic of measuring loop integrity, LED display (Short circuit or ribbon sensor break off)
• Protection of equipment and exposed areas
• Suitable to any surface


Detection of flood, leakage, presence of water or moisture in exposed area or special environment.
LISA system combines a detector (linear or point) with a relay dedicated to this application, the ES 5000.


The LISA system is dedicated for leakage detection of water distribution (pipes, sprinklers) and alarming in case of water, condensates or humidity in areas where water is prejudicial for equipments (Computer rooms, machinery, power plants, medical equipments, HVAC, museum, stores, etc.).


The ribbon detector consists of two metal wires connected at the end by a resistor and insulated by an absorbent fabric.
The special material used for the ribbon, contains ionic ingredients, which allow detection of demineralised water.
This flexible ribbon is placed in all positions and fits all shapes.
As soon as there is humidity somewhere on the ribbon, the relay detects the change of resistivty and switch on the alarm signal, even before a significant amount of water could be find out.
The relay ES 5000 includes a self diagnostic of the integrity of measuring loop (alarm in case of short circuit, or ribbon sensor break off) in order to warrant a positive safe detection system.


The ribbon is applied on any horizontal or vertical surface/ support for monitoring an area, or, the one point detector is used for a local detection.
The ribbons is fixed on the ground with a special adhesive, or wraped round a pipe or a valve.
An adequate grid of the area will allow to locate the leak.
Depending on the system and expected monitoring result, one or more detectors will be used with one or more relays.
After an alarm and repair of the leakage, the ribbon sensor is easily dried out without dismantling it.

General Catalog 544-03
16/07/2018 13:47
Liquid Intrusion Safe Alarming System
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