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General Catalog 531-03
Solar powered alarm unit for oil-water separators

• Monitoring of oil-water separators
• Autonomous complete system
• Field installation
• Alarm signal: or flashing light or GSM
• Battery protection against discharge and overload


Autonomous alarm unit for monitoring oil-water separators according to EN 858.


A BBS system includes alarm unit NivOil CU/12 and a Solar panel to charge a battery, protected against excessive discharge or overload.
NivOil is powered hourly, for 3 minutes, to check for a fault and alarm condition. In case of occuring an alarm, signal is emitted or through a flashing light or through a GSM module.

The working time without sunlight is about 12 days at any period of the year for a reliable monitoring even without sun shining days (referring to Greenwich latitude).

Option: Flashing light
With the option flashing light, an alarm corresponds to an intermittent light emission (of a Xenon bulb) on the outside of the cabinet. This option is recommended to avoid connecting the NivOIL contact outputs far-away minimizing the cost of installation.

Option: GSM
With the option GSM, the alarm is transmitted on long distance through a SMS message: idoneous when the system is installed in a remote location. The message SMS sent, indicates the BBS identification, the alarming channel (probe) and a pre-recorded message.

The cabinet may be mounted on a wall or on a poll (Yoke U-Bolt Kit provided). The solar panel, with its own fixing system, is adjustable regardless of the position of the cabinet.

The BBS must always be mounted outside the hazardous area. Only NivOiL probes can be installed in the hazardous area.

Details of supply for each version

BBS-STD includes :
- A wall mount cabinet, 300 x 380 x 130 mm
- A yoke U-Bolt Kit for pole mounting
- An alarm unit NivOil
- A battery, 7 Ah
- A controller module to protect the battery against excessive discharge or overload.
- A solar panel, 5 Wc, on adjustable holder

BBS-GYR includes:
- A complete system BBS-STD
- A flashing light device on the front of the cabinet

BBS-GSM includes:
- A complete system BBS-STD
- A GSM module, inside the cabinet

General Catalog 531-03
31/03/2022 16:07
Solar powered alarm unit for oil-water separators
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