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General Catalog 248-01
GsM 24e
GsM 24e
Modem GSM / GPRS
GsM 24e
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  • Compact module
  • M2M applications
  • Supply required: 5.5....32 V dc
  • 3 Inputs, 1 output
  • Including:
    Serial cable

Entirely dedicated to the wireless communication, the modem GsM 24e allows a simple and rapid integration of GSM / GPRS connectivity into machine to machine applications (M2M).


The GsM 24e is a robust, reliable and long life product. Its very compact metal case makes it ideally adapted to onboard standards. This product also conforms to the automotive standards.

The GsM 24e modem is equipped with TCP/IP protocols as well as 3 inputs and 1 output.
It includes an antenna, a serial Data cable for PC and software for a simple and easy configuration.
Optional flash memory extension and integrated shock detector associated with development tools, offer the possibility for the specific supplementary applications.


In association with a BamoBox SOLAR, this modem allows a distant communication of information.
When an alarm occurs on a NivOil survey unit (alarm unit on hydrocarbons separator) the GsM 24e sent a message identifying the channel or separator concerned by the alarm (SMS message) including the name or identification TAG of the separator, the channel number and a memorized text.

General Catalog 248-01
26/03/2022 19:05
Modem GSM / GPRS
GsM 24e
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