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General Catalog 375-01
Water hardness monitor
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  • Fit any water softener
  • In-line monitoring
  • Alarm set up at 10% of raw water hardness
  • Automatic diagnostic of complete system

- Control and monitoring of water quality between inlet and outlet of the softener.


BAMOSOFT Smart monitors safely the water quality produced by the softener.
It is alarming (LED and relay output) when softened water hardness is 10% or over the hardness of raw water.
Example :
- Raw water inlet = hardness of 300 ppm CaCO₃
- System is alarming if softened water hardness > 30 ppm CaCO₃

BAMOSOFT Smart gives an alarm as well as brine leakage is detected at softener outlet and if system integrity is not in conformity (solenoïd valves, electrode effectiveness). In the event of a fault, the controller issues an alarm signal to warn the user of the maintenance to operate (See LED-Status and Displays).

BAMOSOFT comprises two solenoid valves that successively pass raw water then softened water on a specific ion electrode Ca⁺⁺ / Mg⁺⁺ . The specific hardware carries out the analysis of ionic activities, compares data and proceed to diagnostic routines. The device then delivers the following information: correct measurement, alarm, defective valve, brine leakage, etc. Samples are wasted to drain after each
When the first cycles of measurement are stable, BAMOSOFT operates a control each 15 min.
Measuring cycle may be started by an external signal (pulse from a counter or an external contact).

LED Status displays
According the message, LEDs are alight or flashing.

• LED 1 (green):
  Alight: Measurement is alright
  Flashing: Monitoring cycle is running

• LED 2 (red):
  Alight: Softened water hardness > 10% of raw water hardness
  Flashing: Brine leakage detected in softened water

• LED 3 (red):
  Alight: Electrode replacement required
  Flashing: Leakage of a solenoid valve
• When the 3 LED are flashing together: Electrode is not properly mounted.


Water temperature: < 30 °C
Power supplied 15 V DC; approx. 4 W
Relay output: N.C. contact; max. 24 V DC; 0.5 A; Alarm/ Fault on Threshold, Brine, Electrode, Solenoid valve
Raw water inlet: By-pass with fitting for PA tubing
Inlet for softened water: O.D..4 mm,; I.D. 2 mm, necessary filtration unit (<0.1 mm)
Pressure limits for raw water: Min. 1 bar; Max. 10 bar (raw & softened waters)
Drain outlet PA tubing; O.D. 8 mm; atmospheric pressure
Raw water quality: Drinkable water, free of grease, oil and brine, biol.: < 5000 KVE /ml
Raw water hardness limits: 2 ... 100 °f (20 to 1000 ppm CaCO₃)
Electrode check up: Automatic test with indication of low efficiency
External cycling switch: Pulse limit is >0.5 s

General Catalog 375-01
12/06/2018 15:11
Water hardness monitor
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