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General Catalog 194-05
DOSAControl DCW 100
DOSAControl DCW 100
Monitor for CCK sensors
DOSAControl DCW 100
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  • AUTO-CLEANING SENSOR by reverse polarity
  • LCD back lighted display, friendly using menu
  • 1 specific input for CCK sensor
  • 1 analog output 0/4-20 mA
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • 2 relays for ON/OFF and PID regulation
  • Pulse output for ON-OFF, PID regulation
  • 1 alarm relay with timer
  • 1 input for flow controller
  • RS 485 interface

The DCW 100 monitor is designed for measuring and regulation in disinfection process (chlorine, chlorine dioxide, ozone) and in particular for CCK sensors.

The auto-cleaning system ASR (patented) maintains automatically the sensor in operation.

The cleaning is an electrochemical operation. The DCW 100 applies a suitable potential between the electrodes to produce oxygen and hydrogen without reagents addition.

The gases eliminate the existing deposits.

The cleaning sequence is finished in 30 seconds and may be done twice a day. During the cleaning, the status is displayed; the regulation is set on stand-by.

Through the friendly using menu, an easy configuration is done on regulation, thresholds, temperature compensation and alarm events.

With the back lighted display it is easy to read perfectly the measure and temperature at anytime.

The analogical output is galvanic insulated, and configured on various scales.

General Catalog 194-05
26/02/2021 15:00
Monitor for CCK sensors
DOSAControl DCW 100
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