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General Catalog 546-01

• Transmitter ''TDR'' 4-wire
• Continuous measurement (output 4-20 mA)
• Scalable ranges:
     Rigid stem version: up to 3 m
     Flexible stem: Cable from 1 to 20 m
     Coaxial stem: Up to 6 m
• Pressure: -1 to 40 bar
• Accuracy: ± 3 mm
• ATEX versions
     II 1/2 G – II 1/2 D ou II 2 G – II 2 D


A TDR transmitter is working as a Time Domain Reflectrometry application. Electromagnetic micro-pulses emitted along the stem and moving at the speed of light.
These micro-pulses are reflected by the surface of the stored liquid. The electronics then measures the traveling time and converts it into distance. Micro pulses are moving only in the tank atmosphere; gaseous atmosphere or vacuum do not interfere on the measurement.


BAMOFLEX probe must be mounted vertically and fixed on tank with its fitting.
A BSP ¾'' is supplied with a KLINGERSIL® seal.

Rigid stem and flexible cable versions:
These versions are applicable to a very wide range of applications on liquids.
Probes must not touch or come into contact with objects inside the tank, or tank walls.

Flexible cable version is recommended for length over 2 m, limiting the cost of transport or when free space above tank is limited for the installation.
Its performance characteristics and mounting are similar to the rigid stem version.

Coaxial stem version:
This probe is without installation restrictions regarding its mounting position/ fitting and the possible presence of nearby wall or other objects located inside the tank.
This version is recommended for installation in non-metallic tank, or open tank.

The basic configuration can be done directly on the device via DIP switches, a push button and a LED.
All the settings required to make it operational can be made directly on it.
The electronics are galvanically insulated between their inputs/ outputs and the potential of the tank, thus avoiding any problem of electrochemical corrosion on the tank.

These TDR transmitters are available for hazardous areas

   categories   1/2 G,   1/2 D   or   2 G,  2 D

General Catalog 546-01
12/03/2021 14:43
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