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General Catalog 217-01
Digital and graphical display

Digital display

Graphical display (Bar Graph)

• Graphic color touch-sensitive screen
• Scale units: set on keyboard
• 2 Inputs, 4-20 mA
• 1 Frequency input
• 1 Output 4-20 mA
• 8 thresholds to set, shared by 3 relays
• 1 Serial interface RS485 MODBUS


- Local display of any process (Level, turbidity, pressure, etc.)
- Flowmeter and totalizer through frequency input
- Display and monitoring of measurements
- Display of level or volume with possibility of linearization
- Differential between two input signals (example: differential pressure with 2


The instrument has a colour touch-sensitive screen to navigate through an intuitive and multilingual menu. BAMOWIZ converts analogue input signals (4-20 mA) and delivers clear information on its large digital and graphic (Bar Graph) display for an easy reading of measurements and thresholds status.
Settings are keyword protected.

BAMOWIZ has a flexibility of use for analysis of input data such as the display of level, volume or a specific parameter (pressure, temperature, turbidity, etc.). The keyboard on the touch screen allows you to set the measuring unit (Example: μS, Ohm, Ω, °C, bar, etc.).

Flow-rate indicator and Totalizer with the frequency input: BAMOWIZ accepts
pulse signal, for instance from BAMOFLU sensors up to 10 kHz

To resume, BAMOWIZ allows:

• To choose the language
• To set the measurement range
• To choose the unit to display for each input
• To calculate and display the volume inside square or cylindrical tanks, or
specific tanks (Linearization with 20 steps).
• To calculate and display the differential between inputs 1 and 2
• To set each of the 8 thresholds
• To assign each thresholds to relay outputs
• Flow-indicator and Totalizer through the frequency input

From graphic display you can access to:
• For each input: Identification (TAG) - Value - Unit
• Synoptic of measurements (Bar Graph)
• Identification and status of each relay
• Display of minima and maxima

General Catalog 217-01
15/12/2022 17:01
Digital and graphical display
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