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General Catalog 580-02
JEPA 580
JEPA 580
Level gauge electro-pneumatic, autonomous
JEPA 580
JEPA 580

JEPA 580

• For compatible liquids (diesel, water, ...)
• Displays in cm or Volume
• For any kind of tanks
• Battery operated
• Height max.: Diesel 3 m; Water 2.5 m


Time to time level control on barrels, tanks (plastic or metallic one) for storing water or diesel.

To replace a traditional air gauge type TLM


The gauge JEPA 580 is a level indicator. It is suitable for measuring the liquid height in all forms of tanks, as well as in drums.

Default display is height in centimetres.
By programming, the volume can be displayed in litres for cubic, vertical or horizontal cylindrical, spherical, tanks.

The fluid S.G. determines the gauge model:
- JEPA 580-1 is well adapted for water or liquid with S.G. = 1
- JEPA 580-0,85 is well adapted for diesel with S.G. = 0.85
Other S.G. on request

• This device is not suitable for invoicing/ transactions.
• Suitable only to tanks at atmospheric pressure.
• This device is not convenient for an hazardous area , ATEX.

A complete JEPA 580 package includes:
- An electronic case with:
     ∙ Flexible tubing (inlet); length: 1 m
     ∙ 1 Alcaline battery, 9 V
     ∙ Brackets (adhesive)
- Screws and dowels for wall mounting
- Measuring tubing (3 m long) with counterweight, both compatible with diesel, and one tank connection

For replacement of a pneumatic gauge with pointer:
JEPA 580 is suitable for replacement of a gauge type TLM. In such a case, it is sufficient to plug the existing tubing to the JEPA 580 gauge.
See table codes and references: main unit alone with fitting 6/ 4 mm


After pressing the main button, the internal pump pushes air until bubbling occurs and creates the pressure equivalent to the height of liquid from counterweight to the liquid surface. This hydrostatique pressure is converted in height of liquid and displayed in centimetres on the screen.

General Catalog 580-02
20/11/2018 17:51
Level gauge electro-pneumatic, autonomous
JEPA 580
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