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General Catalog 590-06
Electronic gauge for diesel

- For storage tanks of diesel (fuel oils)
- Measuring ranges: Up to 3 m
- Output signal: 4-20 mA, power 8 ... 32 V DC
- Compact, robust probe (stainless steel)
- PVC cable compatible with diesel


The level gauge INTERNIV is dedicated for continuous level measurement of fluids in storage tanks, opened to atmosphere and with a fill height up to 3 m.

The gauge is perfectly adapted for monitoring and control of diesel level in storage tanks.

The optional display module allows the operator to read instant level and to set up level alarm thresholds.


The gauge INTERNIV 590, is in immersion in the liquid. The hydrostatic pressure is
proportional to the depth of immersion.
Pressure is measured on the diaphragm, differential with atmospheric pressure is assumed through a capillary tube all along the cable. A built-in amplifier convert the measurement in a 4-20 mA signal.

This amplifier is protected against short circuits and reverse polarity for a safe installation.

Installation of gauge INTERNIV 590 is simplest by use of a fitting on tank and/or a junction box BJSC.

The probe may be freely suspended.
It is recommended not to let the probe laying down on the tank bottom to avoid deposits on the diaphragm.

Junction box BJSC, pressure compensated, hold the gauge (cable is secured) and a vent filter allows the balance with atmospheric pressure. BJSC is highly recommended to protect the gauge cable.

A complete measuring system includes:
- 1 Gauge INTERNIV
- 1 Display module:
       BAMOWIZ: Digital and graphical display (data-sheet 217-01)
       ITU: Versatile indicator (data-sheet 222-04)
       BMG 72: Galvanometric indicator (data-sheet 206-01)
- 1 Tank fitting, and, 1 holder

General Catalog 590-06
25/02/2022 14:19
Electronic gauge for diesel
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