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General Catalog 225-01
Multi-parameter monitor

• Versions from 1 to 15 channels
• Graphic display: LCD or OLED
• Power supply to transmitters
• RS485, protocol HART® or Modbus®
• Relay outputs or/and 4-20mA outputs


- Process controls with 2 or 4-wire compatible transmitters, using protocol HART® or Modbus®.


The MultiCONT is a universal interface between various level transmitters using HART® or Modbus® protocol and the other elements of the process control system such as the PC or PLC.

Up to 15 connected transmitters:
MultiCONT can communicate with up to 15 transmitters (2- or 4-wire) with HART® protocol, but, with only 6 radar transmitters PiloTREK (maximum).
Note: MultiCONT delivers power supply to a maximum of 2 transmitters.

Control unit, settings, interfacing:
The unit can perform various operations such as remote settings, loading the programming of a unit or downloading measured values. The graphic screen facilitates access to a wide variety of functions such as to display the contents of a tank or status of compatible ultrasonic transmitters.

Analog outputs, relay outputs and / or RS485:
MultiCONT offers numerous configuration possibilities, obtained by adding and combining scalable modules: up to 2 analog outputs and / or from 1 to 5 relays. The option RS485 interface allows to connect several MultiCONT together to increase the number of transmitters in use.

ATEX version:
ATEX version of the MultiCONT allows you to control a multipoint system with a maximum of 4 devices (or only 2 PiloTREK); The unit must be install in the safe area. MultiCONT Ex versions provide power for 2-wire Ex compatible transmitters installed in hazardous areas and display the measured values.

The MultiCONT is competitive regarding all possibilities it offers, it achieves an incomparable low investment with multiple connected transmitters, up to 15 connected devices.

General Catalog 225-01
17/02/2020 15:08
Multi-parameter monitor
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