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General Catalog 781-01
Turbine flowmeter

• Range from1.5 up to 1000 l/h
• Output signal: Pulse or 4-20 mA
• For aggressive or high grade liquids
• Small dimensions
• Materials: E-CTFE, PVDF or POM


The BAMOTUR series is suitable to measure low flow-rates and for totalization, of neutral or aggressive liquids, in all industries.
The liquid may not contain particles and may not crystallize.


A flowmeter BAMOTUR consists of a turbine mounted on a shaft of sapphire or of stainless steel. The turbine is rotated by the dynamic pressure of the liquid in movement. Magnets are encapsulated in the turbine and activate an electronic Hall effect sensor inserted in the upper part of the flowmeter.
The electronic part generates pulses, in relation to the speed of rotation.

Assembly recommendations:
Vertical mounting, flow in the direction of the arrow.
It is recommended to install a filter upstream, to avoid blocking the turbine (especially for low flow rates)

General Catalog 781-01
30/03/2022 15:38
Turbine flowmeter
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