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General Catalog 289-05
Programmable electronic counter


• Universal pulse counter
• Blue LCD display (STN), white backlight,
      dual 6-digit display,
• Input: Dry contact or open collector,
      or voltage
• Version 100...240 V AC, 2 relay ouputs,
      Power to sensor: 12 V DC
• Version 12...24 V DC, 1 Relay output
• Panel mounting: DIN 48x48 mm


- Unidirectional or bidirectional counting
- Filling (batching), converting (scaling), cutting to a given length, etc...
- Activation of output relays, at preset values


SLN-44 is an electronic preset counter, DIN 48x48 mm, with blue LCD display (STN) and white backlight. The main display (10.0 x 5.0 mm) shows count value and the sub-display shows preset values. The preset threshold and output settings can be displayed by simply pressing a key on the front panel.

With 1 or 2 predefined thresholds, this counter is perfect for general counting or batch totalization. SLN-44 is available in 2 versions, power supply: Or 100...240 V AC, or 12...24 V DC The 100...240 V AC may power a sensor in 12 V DC. SLN-44 works according different modes: Bidirectional (quadrature), addition (Add), subtraction (Subtract) or mixed (Add/Substract). Upon reaching the preset value(s), the output relays are activated.

The operating and output modes are fully programmable via the menu using the keys located on the front panel. Operating modes parameters are the counting speed (up to 10 kHz), the input signal (dry contact or open collector, or voltage), the scale range, the position of the decimal point, the mode of protection and value input (free) The counter has a backup EEPROM. The front is IP54; Electrical connections are secured on screw terminal blocks.

The SLN-44 is a versatile, preset meter that satisfies complex applications such as filling (batching), converting (scaling), cut to length, etc.

General Catalog 289-05
23/06/2022 16:45
Programmable electronic counter
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