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General Catalog 755-01
Flow rate measurement in open channel
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• According to ISO 4359
• 10 models
• Up to 2500 m³/h
• Composite material
• Easy civil engineering

• Level transmitter, flow calculator,
data-logger and interfaces
• Channel built in mobile housing


Flow rate measurements in open channel, particularly with contaminated liquids, even corrosive or with solid particles.


The open channel DEBITFLO is designed for flow measurements up to 2500 m³/h.
Made of reinforced polyester, DEBITFLO has an excellent dimensional stability, guaranteeing good measurement accuracy.
In association with a level transmitter, it is the right solution for continuous flow measurement, reliable and accurate.
For flows up to 100 m³/h, it is possible to provide the channel inside a polypropylene housing. Over 100 m³/h, the approach channel (1 or 2 parts) may be supplied or not if on site the approach channel is made on concrete structures accordingly to recommendations and standards.

The Venturi is a restriction (lateral contractions) which ensures a laminar flow at the point of measurement. The upstream level (h) is directly related to the flow (Q).
The table Flow vs. level is supplied with each Venturi channel.

Polypropylene housing: Simplified commissioning
On request, we supply assemblies integrated in a polypropylene housing allowing a simple and mobile installation.

Conformity with ISO 4359:
DEBITFLO channels for flow rate from 100 m³/h and greater, comply with standard ISO 4359.
Please note: Models DF7A, AV07A, DF20A, AV25A do not comply with ISO 4359, due to a throat width < 100 mm.

General Catalog 755-01
10/05/2022 15:32
Flow rate measurement in open channel
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