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General Catalog 555-05
Leakage detection sensor
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  • Floor standing leakage detector 
  • Capacitive, high frequency, fail-safe detection 
  • For aggressive and electrically conductive liquids 
  • Positive active alarm 
  • Auto diagnostic system and LED indicator

With its integrated transmitter and connection for diagnostic, the MAXIMAT is ideal to detect the presence of a liquid due to a leakage of dangerous and non-flammable liquids in computer rooms, barrel warehouse catch basins.


The transmitter MAXIMAT is designed to detect conductive liquids with a reactance up to 5 kOhm/cm and a coupling capacitance towards ground of more than 50 pF.
The liquids may not generate electrical insulating or conductive deposit.
The MAXIMAT has 3 different outputs, factory built-in:

  • Binary output to active optocoupler, numeric input 
  • Analog 0...20 mA output for any analog input of PLC
General Catalog 555-05
21/10/2019 11:47
Leakage detection sensor
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