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General Catalog 550-03
MNR 7 Ex
MNR 7 Ex
Magnetic float level controller
MNR 7 Ex
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  • Construction: stainless steel 1.4571 (316 Ti – AISI) 
  • Up to 4 bi-stable change over contacts
  • Ex II 1/2 G EEx ib IIC T4 Kategorie 1 (Zone 0)
  • TÜV 03 ATEX 2243

Automation ON/OFF of pumps and solenoid valves, low and high alarm indication, automatic tank filling up or draining, etc.
MNR7 level controllers are suitable to non viscous, non sticky liquids without magnetic and solids particles. The liquids may not crystallize or polymerized.


Switches are mounted in the guide tube; they are actuated by the magnet built in the float, to allow 1 to 4 level detections within the application.


The housing is IP65 and the cable pass through a cable gland PG11, acc. to Ex specifications. Internal wiring is done on a screw terminal.
On the lower end of guide tube, a blocking ring allows to take off the float before to fit the guide tube through a small diameter hole.


Please, verify the material compatibility with your chemical fluid and the limits of pressure and temperature with your process maxima, as well the correspondence of ATEX certificate with your requirements.

  • Our technicians may help you in MNR7 definition. Always mention the fluid in contact, concentration, process temperature and pressure.
  • Note the exact distance of contact(s) measured as of the sealing surface. Consider the minimum distance between two contacts (100 mm) and dead zone we indicate on the drawings. 
  • The power supply of each contact of the MNR 7 Ex should be from a Zener barrier or certified Intrinsically Safe relay. Our RDN 11 relay is convenient to that purpose, see documentation 251.
General Catalog 550-03
08/07/2021 15:22
Magnetic float level controller
MNR 7 Ex
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