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BAMO acquires a German Company
BAMO acquires a German Company
BAMO acquires a German Company

To confirm its activities development on fluids control, BAMO Mesures SAS acquires the First of January 2006 the well-known Company IER Mess und Regeltechnik GmbH.

IER in a few words:
35 years of experience in the German Market
Turn over of 2 millions Euro
20 specialists with four engineers in Development Dept.
Location: Mannheim; facilities: 1300 m²
Certifications: ISO 9001 (2000) - TUV

The founder, Mr Eberhard HENKEL sells his shares meanwhile he is retiring. BAMO was its business partner since 27 years, exchanging not only manufactured products but also ideas and expertise. This includes our magnet ruler indicators for MAGTOP, as well as high-pressure resistive electrodes, completing the strong line of level controllers.
The existing synergy between both Companies is rather strengthened by this last agreement without internal competition and a consolidation of market share.

BAMO will then, be more aggressive on Exportation. The effect of a German Label is to bring a new and strongest image in foreign Countries. We shall be glad to demonstrate the benefit of mixing two different cultures.
Further, BAMO will continue the development of own lines and its penetration in European market. This is going on through specific products and business partners.
The manufactured lines concern the fluids control and analytical instrumentation.
All details on these instruments are on the WEB sites and (in German Language).

Some history or better said "a coherent policy":
The 8th of August 1978 was founded BAMO Mesures SARL to promote pH and Conductivity monitors on the French Market. Meanwhile, some products were imported from two German Companies. After developing our own monitors, after 27 years we are in process of acquiring our loyal suppliers.

As we announced it in September of 2003, on this WEB site, as we were celebrating our 25th anniversary, "Economic and Social constraints are so heavy that instrumentation trade has solution in joint ventures to survive, or through associations and acquisitions.
Be sure that all is done and targeted for a safe future and safe supplies to all of our Clients.
In a few years of time, we can imagine being in position for new acquisitions even in America or Japan or anywhere else. However, this is another challenge!

For all this, we need you, all, being our partners.

BAMO Mesures SAS
Yannick Moinet

Created on 21/12/2009 17:09
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