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General Catalog 759-02
Venturi channel flow calculator
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  • Input 4-20 mA for level height
  • Alphanumeric back lighted LCD display:
    Level, Flow rate,
    Daily volume,
    Total indicator
  • Curves memorized for Venturi channels, standard weird plates V or U
  • 4 relay outputs (Normally Open contacts)
    Contact for flow rate limit
    Contact for sampler
    Contact for external pulse counting
  • 1 analogue output 0/4-20 mA galvanic insulated
  • 2 models available:
    Panel mounting 72 x 144
    Wall mounting IP 65 
    RS 422 /J-BUS + LOGGER
    Extension for 2nd measurement input



An extension terminal (wall, panel mounting or DIN rail mounting):

  • Allows a second measurement parameter (Turbidity, pH, Conductivity, Chlorine, Flow depending of the model)
  • The data from this blind device are displayed on the main device (second line display).
  • A 4 wires shielded cable is necessary to link both devices (maximum length of 500m)
  • The options RS422 and the data logger are shared between both BAMOPHOX.

The display allows an easy reading of flow rate (or water level height) and total indication. Through a friendly using menu relays output are dedicated and configured for limits, alarms, sampler operation.

The 4-20 mA input (proportional to the water level height) comes from a BAMOBUL (bubbling level measurement) or from an ultrasonic level transmitter. The BAMOPHOX 759 converts this signal directly in flow rate with the memorized curves of our range of Venturi open channels and standardized Weird plates V or U. On request we may configure the instrument for a special curve.

An 4-20 mA output signal is a copy of the flow rate. A pulse output is available for an external Total indicator. An optional RS422 is available for direct transfer to a computer. For a data loggering the model LOG includes a data logger using memory cards.

General Catalog 759-02
26/03/2022 18:36
Venturi channel flow calculator
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